Soarin\’ Over Disney

The Great Disney Vacation Online

About Soarin’ Over Disney

 I've been a life-long Disney fan, with a particular interest in the theme parks. I found that I was spending lots of time looking at the parks with Google Maps, Google Earth, and Microsoft Local Live. While there are plenty of websites devoted to exploring these satellite and aerial photos, this is the first to be totally devoted to Disney properties. Keep in mind this is a part-time devotion, I will update it as often as possible. You may make any submissions by clicking here.

Thanks. Enjoy.


BTW- I really would like to give props to 2 pages that were inspirations for me doing this:

  • Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps – Ted Timmons' site devoted to Google Maps
  • Birds Eye Tourist – The definitive guide and repository for the coolest Windows Live Local locations.  This site is also my main design inspiration.  Hopefully I haven't created a complete clone.  If so, it was completely unintentional.

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