Soarin\’ Over Disney

The Great Disney Vacation Online


I'm hoping to really get this thing off the ground in the next week or so. I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to it, but am still interested in doing so. The main crux of the page will be user submissions. What I am really interested in is some of the more interesting finds. I have posted two examples of the sort of ideas that I had in mind. I'll take general submissions like "Polynesian Resort" and Epcot, but what I am really interested in are the little details. I think you get the idea. I plan on having a submission form of some sort figured our very soon, but in the meantime simply send me the following information to soarinoverdisney(at)

  • Description
  • Local Live or Google Maps link
  • Your name and email
  • Whether or not you want your Name and/or Email posted

Also feel free to contact me at the above address if you have any comments/suggestions/critisisms.

Thanks.  Enjoy.



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